2017 Review

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Another fine year has come and gone, and as always I feel a bit overwhelmed in trying to sum it all up in one blog post. For those that have been following my work for some time, you may have noticed that I haven’t been quite as active here on the old blog as of late. I feel like I’ve been going through a mini Vivian Maier’esque phase for the last 6 months where I’ve been shooting and shooting, but haven’t felt much like editing/organizing/sharing/or writing about my work. I have tens of thousands of images on my computer and dozens of rolls of film that I haven’t even looked at yet, haha. Maybe that will change in the new year, only time will tell.

In 2017 I took two unforgettable photography trips abroad, Laos in the winter and Iceland in the summer – couldn’t think of two more different worlds. The Laos trip I’ve blogged about already, but I haven’t gotten around to completely organizing my Iceland photographs. Come on, it’s only been six months! Well, in this post I’ll share some of my favorite pictures from those trips, as well as some landscape and street images from around Korea.

Laos, a country of warm smiles, stunning countrysides, and vibrant, energetic cities. I’ll make it back to you one day.

Iceland, a must visit for all photographers. The light of the gods shines kindly on this land, and I’ve never felt the force of nature quite like I did here. I’ll be back one day especially if you lower your prices some.

Looking through these images brings a tear to the eye. For those keeping score at home, the tear did not trickle down my face, my eyes just puffed up a bit. The beauty and variety in the people and places around the world, it’s hard to believe it’s all the same planet sometimes. Travel as much as you can, my friends.

Now onto some of my favorite images that I took in Korea this year. I’ll start off with some of my favorite street shots.

And, we’ll finish this 2017 review off with a few landscape(y) shots from the land of the morning calm.

Well that will wrap up this 2017 Review. There are you happy now SEO Optimizer? I finally typed the Focus Keyword, “2017 Review”, 2017 Review, 2017 Review. Now it’s not blinking at me anymore. What a great way to end the year. Happy new year all!

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