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My book Landscapes of Korea featuring stunning images from Seoul to the countrysides of Korea


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Camping in Korea: Adventure 2 – Ganghwado 동막해변

Camping in Ganghwado

A couple of weeks ago Holly and I took our second outdoor adventure of the season (I’d like to take a break in the action to type the words “camping in Ganghwado” – sorry for doing this, my SEO Plugin blinks at me and threatens to blow up my computer if I don’t) when we packed up the Retona and headed out to one of

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camping in Korea

Camping in Korea: Adventure 1 – Namyangju 물의정원

Camping in Korea

This year I plan on taking weekly bicycling/hiking + camping adventures around Korea with my trusty sidekick Holly. For the first trip I decided on Namyangju which is a city located about 35-40 km east of Seoul. I chose this place mostly because I wanted to go somewhere familiar on our maiden voyage so it would be easy to find a place to camp. Namyangju

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Colors of Laos – Kuang Si Falls (Roll 4)

After my typical morning routine of shooting the sunrise, eating breakfast, and walking around Wat Siphoutthabath (my favorite temple), I decided to spend most of this day and roll of film at Kuang Si Falls. Kuang Si Falls is located about 30 kilometers (18 miles

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