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2017 Review

Another fine year has come and gone, and as always I feel a bit overwhelmed in trying to sum it all up in one blog post. For those that have been following my work for some time, you may have noticed that I haven’t been quite as active here on the old blog as of late. I feel like I’ve been going through a

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Copyright John Steele 2015

The World in Gold-N-Blue: My experience with one of Singh-Ray’s best filters

Making something out of nothing – that’s sometimes our task as landscape photographers. We often wake up at 2 am to drive to a location 3-4 hours away on assignment or for personal work only to find a sky with no texture or a river without color. The subject we traveled to shoot is just as glorious as we envisioned and we got the composition

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Copyright John Steele 2017

The Sun Sets on Bamgol Maeul (밤골마을)

Photographers are typically adventurers and explorers by nature and by trade. To keep the creative fire churning, we head out on journeys often with no real destination or return date in mind, searching for unfamiliar faces, vistas, ways of life. While we try to do this as much as possible, we all know that life (finances, weather, work, whatever

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